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Terms and conditions

Your web site


mycco delivers and hosts your web site, and its content, through Ingenuity Hosting Pty Ltd, otherwise known as 'Ingenuity'. In order for your web site to be driven by the mycco online system, it must be hosted through mycco by Ingenuity Hosting Pty Ltd.

mycco is responsible for the online system that populates and generates your web site and its content, where as 'Ingenuity' is responsible for the physical hosting of the mycco online system.

Your web site can not be hosted by any other provider, or Ingenuity Hosting Pty Ltd directly. Doing so will mean your web site will not be able access the core mycco system files and therefore not be able to operate as a mycco subscriber.


mycco is not responsible for the accuracy or appropriateness of the content you store, promote or publish on your web site.


mycco is however responsible for the operation and maintenance of the online system to deliver your web site's content.

Domain name registrations

Any domain names registered with the assistance of mycco will be registered and hosted through Ingenuity Pty Ltd.

Domain name registration costs and renewal charges are included in your annual mycco subscription fee.

Your Club's domain name registration must be complete before your mycco account can be set up, and your mycco web site can appear online.

Any queries regarding your domain name should be directed through mycco.

Committee email accounts

Only if your domain name is registered through mycco is mycco then capable and responsible for the setup and administration of your CLub's Committee members' email accounts.

If your domain has been registered through mycco there is no cost involved in having email accounts within your domain.

However mycco must work within the limitation of its web and emailing hosting company, Ingenuity Pty Ltd., who may in turn limit the number of email address, size of email accounts or charge addition fees at their discretion.

Your Members' details and other information


mycco will never pass your members' contact details or any other information (cars, payments, competition results etc) on to any other sites, companies or organisations.


All of your members' contact details, including their name, phone numbers and email addresses, are encrypted before being stored by mycco.

However, mycco is not responsible for any member contact details or other information you choose to publish on your public web site.

Contact with your Club members

mycco will never contact your members directly.

If mycco need to promote any update, activity or event to your Club's members, it will do so through the appropriate Club contact/s, namely your Club's mycco administration contact.

Use of your Club's name, logo and photographs

As a mycco user you allow the use of your Club name, logo and photographs in the promotion of mycco on social media and within other marketing channels.

Club name and logo

By default, as members of mycco you give mycco permission to use your Club name and logo when promoting those car clubs who use the system.

If your club does not wish for this to happen, notification must be given to mycco.

Photographs of members

mycco will never use any photograph which clearly shows the identity of any member of your club without prior written permission obtained from the member themselves.

Photographs of members' cars

mycco will only use a photograph of a individual members' vehicle with prior written permission from the member themselves.

If requested, mycco will be able to erase/blur/obstruct any identify features of the vehicle, including number plates, windscreen stickers and so on.

In the case where mycco would like to use a photograph of a group of cars, for example from a club event, mycco will obtain written permission from the club itself.

The mycco Payments area

The Payment area of the mycco online system is not regarded in any way shape or form as a fully fledged accounting software package, nor should it be expected to operate in this or any similar manner.

The mycco Payments area is to be used as a simple payment tracking system for monitoring money coming in at out of your Club.

mycco is in no way responsible for any errors caused by incorrect data entry.

Promoting your Club and its web site

mycco is not responsible for the promotion of your Club or its web site, including it's existing content or any promotions you may publish.

Each Club is responsible for their own marketing activities, including promotion of their web site.

Your annual mycco subscription

The annual cost of your mycco subscription is $275 (inc GST).

Included in the cost of your annual mycco subscription is the upkeep, maintenance and hosting of the mycco online system, with which you manage your Club, along with storage of all data you upload into mycco.

There are no separate costs for your web site's domain registration and/or hosting unless your Club's domain name is registered with a company other than mycco and therefore the cost is separate to your annual mycco subscription. Domain hosting outside of mycco may also include hosting of email accounts and aliases.

The annual cost of hosting your web site is also included your your annual mycco subscription.

A one-off set-up fee, of $275 (inc GST) also applies on top of the first year's subscription fee. Extra charges apply for clubs storing more than 500Mb of data (see below).

Extra data costs

Extra charges will apply for clubs storing more than 500Mb of web site data.

Data includes any files uploaded and stored within mycco, whether they are an active component of your web site or not.

Charges are $50 (inc GST) per 100Mb block and are charged on top of your annual subscription fee.

Cancelling your mycco subscription

If you are not happy with the performance, functionality or operation of your mycco web site and/or online Club management system, your Club can discontinue its membership at anytime.

To do so please contact mycco in writing requesting to be removed from the mycco system.

Your Club will be reimbursed for any money owing from that point to the end of your current subscription.

If you have a domain name registered through mycco this will remain with Ingenuity Pty Ltd until another domain registration company takes over its hosting. Your Club will be responsible for sourcing this new domain registration provider.

Contacting mycco

To contact mycco, contact Andrew McCurdy via:


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0429 205 306
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