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What is mycco?

mycco is a web based system that allows you to manage your car club online. With a single, easy to manage annual subscription, with mycco you can manage your Club's:

Web site

Using mycco you can manage all of your Club web site's content.

  • General web pages - About, Membership, etc
  • News
  • Events
  • Newsletters and meeting minutes
  • 'Members area' - members only content
  • Photo galleries
  • Classified ads
  • Discussion forums
  • Committee members
  • Regalia
  • Social media links
  • Sponsors and supporters
  • Appearance - main page images, colour scheme, font etc


Manage all aspects of your Club's membership. Maintain your members':

  • Contact details
  • Cars
  • Club points
  • Competition results
  • Payments
There's also an option to quickly and easily email all of your members any time, plus you can download and print your full members list for your Club records.


Your Club is not just about its members, but their cars as well.

Record details of each members' car collection including:

  • Year, make, model and mark/series
  • Engine and transmission specs
  • Chassis and engine numbers
  • Exterior and interior colours
  • Registration and mileage
  • Restoration details and other notes
And, if you choose to give your members access to the 'Members area' of your site, they will be able to maintain this information themselves.

Club points

Many Clubs maintain a points system to encourage their members to participate in events and undertake Committee roles.

If your Club rewards its members with points, use mycco to:

  • Track the activities members can earn points for
  • Easily select the members participating in each activity
  • View on-going member point tallies
Members can also view their current points via the optional 'Members area' of your site.

Competition results

More often than not, your members are not just proud of their cars, but their cars' performance as well.

Maintain your members' competition results using mycco.

Record details such as:

  • Each competition's name and date
  • Entrants' names and cars
  • Resulting position and times


Use mycco to record payments received from your members and paid by your Club.

  • Easily track what has been paid for, by who, how and when
  • View reports based on calendar year, financial year or custom date ranges


Maintain your Club's collection of books, DVDs and manuals using mycco.

  • Follow who each item is on loan to, or on reserve for
  • See when items are due back
  • Upload an image of each item to include in your online library catalogue - viewable to members only

What your mycco subscription includes

In addition to providing you with the tools to manage the aspects of your club shown above, also included in your mycco subscription are:

Domain registration

Your car club's domain name is used for two primary purposes:

  • Your web site address
  • Email addresses

Your car club's domain name must be registered and hosted with mycco in order to use mycco itself.

The relevant domain name renewal and hosting costs are included as part of your annual subscription fee.

Web site hosting

To have your Club's web site available on the internet, your web site needs to be made available on a web hosting server.

Hosting companies may bill you monthly, or even annually for this charge - separate to any design and development costs of your site.

Your car club's web site must be hosted with mycco in order to use mycco itself.

The relevant web hosting costs are included as part of your annual subscription fee.

Committee email addresses

Email addresses can be set up for each of your Club's Committee members.

These addresses might include:

  • president@
  • secretary@
  • editor@
  • treasurer@
  • registrations@
  • events@

Which email addresses your Club uses are entirely up to your club itself.

These addresses can simply forward emails on to each of your Committee member's personal email address, or be set up so your Committee members need to log in to their own dedicated Club email account.

This is done at no extra charge and is included as part of your annual subscription fee.

Initial set up

You won't be left on your own to set up your mycco account, web site and email addresses, or to move your domain name.

Once your subscription has been paid, your Club's administrator will be emailed a checklist/questionnaire which will help kick start this process.

Your Club's current members and cars list, collection of newsletters, meeting minutes, events, news items and more, can all be bulk loaded into your account, saving you time and getting your Club up and running with mycco sooner.

For more information on this process, contact andrew@mycco.

On-going help and support

And you won't be left alone once you're up and running either. You'll have online help available when ever you log into mycco, plus email and phone support.

Although email and phone support can not be offered 24 hours 7 days a week, your questions will be answered as soon as practically possible.

Free updates

When extra features are added to mycco, these come free of charge.

There's no added cost for new features. They're simply available to all mycco users as part of the overall package.

And the cost?

No matter how large or small your club, or which features of mycco you do or do not use, all users pay the same simply annual subscription fee of $275 (inc GST).

A one-off set-up fee of $275 (inc GST) applies on top of the first year's subscription fee.

Extras fees will also apply for clubs storing more than 500Mb of data. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

For many clubs the annual fee is close to the cost of their annual web hosting charges, let alone the added features of a fully integrated web site and club management system!

Want to see mycco in action?

The Demo
Car Club

Take a look at - a working, demonstration web site driven by mycco.

The Demo Car Club web site shows you exactly how your car club's web site will look and operate.

When you log in to the 'Members area', you'll also be able to experience exactly what your members will when they log in.

Log in as an administrator and you'll get a full working demonstration of what you can do with mycco, essentially everything mentioned above, and more!

To view the site's Members area and administration pages, contact andrew@mycco.

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